Driving should be an enjoyable experience, every time. That’s why we’ve built Pilot Assist to take over for you when traffic conditions are affecting your smooth drive.

As the most advanced semi-autonomous driving system available, Pilot Assist safely steers, accelerates and brakes your Volvo S90 for you during rush hour, roadworks… whenever you feel like it. So you can always enjoy the magic of the drive.

S90 T8


• Authorised Dealers:‍‍‍

• KUALA LUMPUR • CLEAR MARQUE (Jalan Kuching 03-6411 2188) • FEDERAL AUTO CARS (Federal Highway 03-2260 1411) • SISMA AUTO (Jalan Bukit Bintang 03-2166 5155)  • SELANGOR • FEDERAL AUTO CARS (Glenmarie 03-5569 4880) • PENANG • FEDERAL AUTO CARS (Jalan Sungai Pinang 04-281 7300) • iROLL AUTO (Juru 04-508 0888) • JOHOR • FEDERAL AUTO CARS (Johor Bahru 07-237 7300) • SABAH • ANGKATAN HEBAT (Kota Kinabalu 088-485 544)

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How to use Pilot As‍‍‍sist

Pilot Assist in the Volvo S90

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