Cities of today will see more rapid changes in the next 10 years than the last 100. While population growth and urbanization has created significant opportunities for social and economic development, it has also exerted significant pressure on infrastructure and resources.

Many cities globally are utilizing innovation to solve severe urbanization and congestion challenges. Malaysia, in particular, has the necessary mobility infrastructure in place but still has more opportunities for innovative solutions to be included into its ecosystem, by leveraging data and technology.

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The City Architecture for Tomorrow Challenge (CATCH) is a 7-month global call for innovation program, a joint initiative by Toyota Mobility Foundation and Deloitte Future of Mobility Solution Centre, to attract innovators of the world to submit novel and cutting edge solutions, to enhance mobility solutions and the quality of life for the residents of Kuala Lumpur, through the use of data, technology and city planning.


CATCH will seek to address mobility challenges in Kuala Lumpur with a global call for solutions, where participants – from start-ups, academic and research institutions to corporates, or even the general public – can conceptualize and develop solutions that are dynamic, intelligent and data-driven to design future city infrastructures.


The aim is to raise efficiency in urban planning, and drive forward the future of mobility. This partnership will enable Kuala Lumpur to take the lead in developing next-gen urban development and city mobility management for the region.

This program also brings together a group of government and private sector partners. The global nature of the program will also see the challenge travelling to 7 cities within the region to look for innovative solutions.

Build the Future, At Our Doorstep

Think you can make our city a better place? Toyota wants to hear from you and they are putting out US$1.5 million for the best ideas.

Strategic Partners

Data Partners

More information can be found on the challenge website –

Participants of CATCH will be given grants to support the development of their idea during the Challenge, in the following stages:

Throughout the duration of CATCH, participants can expect support to be provided by the organizers of the Challenge, together with its Challenge partners, which may vary from:


Grand Winner

USD$500,000 for scale-up of implemented solution in Kuala Lumpur



(5 Participants)

Up to USD$150,000 for Prototype Development and Testing



(20 Participants)

Up to USD$5,000 for Proof-Of-Concept (POC) Development

Challenge Objective


Challenge Grants

Challenge Resources

Immersive incubation program

Mentorship from industry leaders

Networking opportunities with public and private sector stakeholders

Real-life Mobility & City data from participating data partners

Trial implementation support in Kuala Lumpur

Feb - Mar 2020

• Global Call-For-Applications

Apr 2020

• Semi-Finalists Announcement

Apr - May 2020

• Proof-Of-Concept (POC) Development

June 2020

• Finalists Announcement

• Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Concept Development and Incubation Program

June - Sep 2020

• MVP Development and Trial Implementation

Sep 2020

• Winner Announcement