The journey to ViO Banj'ran is a delightful experience, with lush landscapes resembling seasonal climates – a unique sight in tropical Malaysia. Vibrant colors and unique tree species add a touch of natural splendor, creating an atmosphere of wonder. The development culminates in a magnificent lookout point facing the true East, offering panoramic views of S2 and its surroundings.


ViO Banj'ran unveils an exclusive collection of 40 'Luxh' bungalows, each a contemporary masterpiece with an estimated Gross Development Value (GDV) of RM183 million. These homes provide a blank canvas for personalization, offering intimate balconies, airy interiors, and a fusion of traditional and modern architecture.

ViO Banj'ran stands as the pinnacle of IJM Land's legacy in Malaysian property development, blending upscale landed properties within a guarded enclave. This enchanting environment has earned a Provisional GreenRE gold rating in the residential category.

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Peak Luxury Redefined

Luxurious Living, Thoughtfully Crafted

Creature Comforts and Sustainable Living

Infrastructure and Connectivity

Embark on a journey of refined luxury at ViO Banj'ran by IJM Land, redefining opulent residential living standards at the summit of Seremban 2.


Poised gracefully on elevated terrain, ViO Banj'ran epitomizes luxury, setting an unprecedented benchmark in hilltop living. This exceptional IJM Land development in Seremban 2 Heights introduces a new era of sophistication, creating an enclave where exclusivity is paramount for discerning homeowners.


Situated at an impressive altitude of approximately 146 meters above sea level, ViO Banj'ran offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountain ranges. A symphony of breathtaking green vistas extends to the horizon, with the entire S2 township unfolding below. Embrace the crisp, invigorating air and the soothing embrace of nature in this elevated sanctuary.

Sprawling across 13 acres of prime, low-density real estate, ViO Banj'ran places you among the elite for luxurious living. It transcends being merely a residence; it stands as a testament to your life achievements. This crown jewel of IJM Land in S2 provides unobstructed views of the thriving township below.


Derived from the Latin word for "go" or "to travel," ViO signifies a longing for exploration, capturing the essence of your journey to an exclusive hillside haven where your dream home beckons. Paired with Banj'ran, a nod to the Malay term "Banjaran," meaning "mountain range," encapsulates the voyage to a lavish retreat amid serene hillside surroundings.


This is your unparalleled opportunity to own one of the most prestigious residences in S2, showcasing IJM Land's unwavering commitment to shaping and reimagining the landscape of modern luxury living.


"Picture residents indulging in their private retreat, surrounded by the majesty of the mountain scenery," says Mr. Chai Kian Soon, Senior General Manager of IJM Land. "These homes are meticulously designed for multi-generational living, seamlessly balancing personal privacy with the need for a harmonious family lifestyle. Our aspiration is to create opulent and expansive spaces that nurture the soul, along with a level of luxury that cannot be replicated in the city."

ViO Banj'ran offers a selection of remarkable homes, each a testament to luxury and spacious living. The 3-storey bungalows and 2-storey bungalows are impeccably designed, catering to generational living. Spacious balconies on each floor connect residents with nature, providing breathtaking views and sizable gardens for play and relaxation.


The floor plans accommodate three generations under one roof, fostering a natural blending of personal and private spaces. The homes blend sophistication, functionality, and a fusion of traditional and modern architecture perfectly.

ViO Banj'ran enhances your lifestyle with premium daily living features. A state-of-the-art smart home system, rainwater harvesting, solar PV system, and Monier BMI Solar Thermal System reflect a commitment to sustainability. The development also ensures safety and community with 24-hour surveillance, solar-powered lights, and strategically placed security measures.

ViO Banj'ran offers private seclusion while ensuring convenient access to amenities. Residents have easy access to shopping, healthcare, and esteemed educational institutions. With well-established connectivity infrastructure, commuting to major hubs is efficient and hassle-free.


According to Mr. Chai, "The captivating hilly landscape, prestigious design, craftsmanship, and advanced security features create an unparalleled living experience. We at IJM Land are proud to have set a new standard for quiet luxury that also marks a significant milestone in sustainable development practices at ViO Banj’ran."

Unveiling Elevated Living at

ViO Banj'ran

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